Thanks from Jo

 Hi Dom,

WE are truly blessed to have you as our yogi; inspiring, imparting and caring so much for our well-being. Your generosity and love is so evident in your teaching. It did not surprise me to hear your students help you "carry a bit of the load" today (literally and figuratively). First, because they knew your back was tender from the strain of last week and second because they know your heart is tender from the work you are doing on the relationship with your son. It is the very thing you give to us each and every time we are in your presence. So drink it in as it flows back to you because you give so much of it to us... all of the time. Watching you and sharing your path of discovery inspires us beyond mere words. You are truly an amazing soul... we are privileged to benefit from the love you impart.

Thanks for sharing - always and for teaching us to share by opening our hearts to the grace that is there - ever present; even if sometimes forgotten.


Thank you from Tish

Thank you for showing us this path - your vision, your energy, your caring and your love truly shines out from you!!