Course Schedule


25oct7:00 pm8:15 pmHatha Yoga niveau 1-2 Lundi 19h00-20h15

28oct9:30 am10:45 amCours de Hatha Yoga niveau 1 + Jeudi 9h30-10h45Cours via Zoom

28oct7:00 pm8:15 pmCours de Yoga régénératif et méditation via Zoom. Jeudi 19h00-20h15Cours via Zoom


01nov7:00 pm8:15 pmHatha Yoga niveau 1-2 Lundi 19h00-20h15

04nov9:30 am10:45 amCours de Hatha Yoga niveau 1 + Jeudi 9h30-10h45Cours via Zoom

04nov7:00 pm8:15 pmCours de Yoga régénératif et méditation via Zoom. Jeudi 19h00-20h15Cours via Zoom


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Fall 2020:  Check schedule on French side please. 

Due to the Pandemic, all classes are done via Zoom.

  • Monday night 7pm-8:30pm Level 1 +
  • Thursday morning 9:30am-11am Level 1 +

Private classes available upon request. $50/hour.

Gentle Yoga: Learn the principles of good body alignment, breathing and peace of mind. For beginners or those who want a gentler, more restorative practice.

Hatha Yoga class:

  • Level 1: For beginners and those exploring the basics of yoga postures.
  • Level 1 – 2: A more challenging practice to help build strength, endurance and flexibility. We will explore inversion poses, Urdhva Dhanurasana and Pranayama. Students should have some basic notion and asanas.

Therapeutic yoga: For students experiencing physical limitation due to injury, cancer, fibromyalgia, etc.  Gentle yoga, deep relaxation and meditation.

Places are limited, so reservations are required.

Full payment is due at the first class.

Welcome and enjoy the class!


Hatha Yoga

The Philosophy of Yoga based on alignment and an open heart. The Hatha yoga I teach is an integrated approach to hatha yoga in which the human spirit blends with the precise science of biomechanics. It is a system of hatha yoga that can be both spiritually inspiring and yet grounded in a deep knowledge of outer and inner body alignment. It can be therapeutically effective and physically transformative. The central philosophy of this yoga is that each person is equally divine in every part of his or her body, mind, and spirit. Each student’s various abilities and limitations are respected and honored. Here are three key areas of practice:

Attitude: The practitioner balances an opening to grace with an aspiration for awakening to his or her true nature. 

Alignment: Each pose is performed with an integrated awareness of all the different parts of the body. 

Action: Each pose is performed as an artistic expression of the heart in which muscular stability is balanced with an expansive inner freedom.

In each class, we will do a variety of Asanas (poses) that together have the following benefits:
Relaxes the body through gentle movements and conscious breathing.

  • Reduces stress.
  • Develops consciousness between body, mind and spirit. 
  • Sharpens concentration. 
  • Improves sleep. 
  • Relieves chronic pain. 
  • Brings balance in our lives. 


Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is simply to be present to what is arising in the moment with a non-judgmental and loving awareness.  May it be physical sensations, emotions, feelings, thoughts of past or future, all should be received with lovingkindness.

We practice to cultivate our attention just like we train a puppy to walk.  With gentleness and patience with bring our wandering mind to what is present.  Slowly we find a stability that permits us to explore what is beyond the surface.   We can see our deep patterns with clarity.  With that clarity, we can choose our actions with wisdom.

This is the practice we cultivate while sitting on our cushion.  It’s a lifelong practice that can transform our suffering.




Hi Dom,
WE are truly blessed to have you as our yogi; inspiring, imparting and caring so much for our well-being. Your generosity and love is so evident in your teaching. It did not surprise me to hear your students help you “carry a bit of the load” today (literally and figuratively). First, because they knew your back was tender from the strain of last week and second because they know your heart is tender from the work you are doing on the relationship with your son. It is the very thing you give to us each and every time we are in your presence. So drink it in as it flows back to you because you give so much of it to us… all of the time. Watching you and sharing your path of discovery inspires us beyond mere words. You are truly an amazing soul… we are privileged to benefit from the love you impart.
Thanks for sharing – always and for teaching us to share by opening our hearts to the grace that is there – ever present; even if sometimes forgotten.



Thank you for showing us this path – your vision, your energy, your caring and your love truly shines out from you!!

Practicing Mindfulness
Dominique Fugère

Following a workshop given to teachers on April 13, 2019


  • Very relaxing & enjoyable. A great take-away of committing to one act of self-love /care each day.
  • Exactly what I needed. What a great way to be more in my body and in the moment
  • Very relaxing. Thank you!
  • Relaxing
  • It was great to reconnect with your breath.
  • Very relaxing.
  • Needed it so much for relaxing, almost fell asleep so relaxing (NOT boring)
  • It was a good relaxation session but I would have liked to have tricks to practice mindfulness on my own on a daily basis.
  • Very relaxing, good to not think of the outside world for a bit
  • Great! Thank you.
  • Very relaxing.
  • Lovely session
  • Felt so relaxed afterwards, merci.
  • Very relaxing, great end to the day.
  • Great workshop, very informative
  • Her own success story using these means to survive & recover from her own physical trauma
  • Learned to take time for myself

Course via Zoom | Oct. 30th 2020

Good evening Dominique,
Today I was talking about you concerning me…
Let me explain; yesterday I had so much pain in my legs (on the front of my legs) and in my pelvis that I was worried about doing my yoga session. I couldn’t sit in Indian, I had to stretch my legs….I was dreading the class!
You told us that we were going to warm up with stretching.
My thought was “Phew, I hope this will relieve my pain”!?
That’s indeed what happened, you relieved me with this foreplay, so I now know how to relieve these new pains that sometimes plague my life. What’s more, it allowed me to enjoy the class which I really liked.
Your teaching has been right on target for me for more than once now and that’s why I’m telling you once again that you are an angel in my life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Danielle D.